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Enhance Your Brand with Social Media Services

Social media services are more than just a platform; they’re a game-changer in today’s digital world.

They offer unique ways to engage with your audience, from social media marketing to creative content creation. With the right social media strategy, you can transform your online presence.

Our approach focuses on building a strong social media branding, using tools and trends that resonate with your audience.

We specialise in effective social media advertising and analytics, ensuring every campaign hits its mark. Influencer marketing is another key aspect, leveraging their reach to amplify your message.

Social Media Strategy

We also emphasise the importance of a tailored social media strategy to increase brand awareness. This includes understanding your audience and using social media SEO to ensure visibility.

With our expertise in social media management, we’ll help you grow your audience and enhance customer engagement. Our team is adept at crafting compelling social media campaigns that tell your brand’s story in a captivating way.

Social media services are not just about posting content; they’re about creating connections.


Let us guide you in using these platforms effectively to reach your business goals, making every interaction a chance for growth.


Select Your Social Ads Campaign

Social Starter


$499 set up fee
Plus GST

  • Facebook only
  • Facebook Setup and Optimisation
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • Ads Manager Setup
  • Scheduling & Monitoring
  • Weekly/Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 4-6 Posts/month (Texts/Visuals)
  • Paid Ads ($20/month)

Social Converter


$599 set up fee Excludes
Ad Budget Plus GST

  • Facebook + Instagram or Twitter
  • Social Platforms Setup and Optimisation
  • Marketing Strategy for the Social Platforms
  • Ads Manager Setup (Facebook Only)
  • Scheduling & Monitoring
  • Weekly/Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 8-10 Posts/per month (includes Texts & Visuals)
  • Paid Ads ($50/month)

Social Professional


$999 set up fee Excludes
Ad Budget Plus GST

  • Facebook + 2 other platforms (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Social Platforms Setup and Optimisation
  • Marketing Strategy for the Social Platforms
  • Ads Manager Setup (2 platforms, excluding LinkedIn)
  • Scheduling & Monitoring
  • Weekly/Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 10-12 Posts/month (Texts/Visuals)
  • Paid Ads ($100/month)

To get acquainted with our social packages, don’t hesitate and contact us by filling our request a quote.

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Why do you need social media for your business?

If you are in business, then you need business pages for your social media. They are different from personal pages.

They promote your brand, products and services. The business accounts also include in-depth analytics, which helps you know your customer better and how you are tracking.

We can help you set up business social media channels for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Did You Know Australia Has..

Just let us know which social channels you would love to promote your business on and we’ll handle the rest.

20 Million

Monthly active users on YouTube

19 Million

Monthly active users on Facebook

14.2 Million

Monthly active users on Instagram

7.7 Million

Monthly active users on X

12 Million

Monthly active users on LinkedIn

The main purpose of social media for businesses is to build and increase brand awareness and visibility.

Social media is becoming more and more popular each day, more brands are gaining popularity across social media.
The intelligently made social media marketing strategy will bring immediate interaction and customer feedback to your business.


LinkedIn: A professionally optimised LinkedIn profile allows you to create an online professional brand with an access to more opportunities and networks. It gives you the ability to showcase your expertise in your business niche.

X: It can hit the mark easily with a short but enticing message. Besides, your tweets appear in relevant Google results. With more than 300 million active users, X (formerly known as Twitter) is definitely an excellent platform for businesses to reach their target audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook: Promoting your business on Facebook is a great way to engage with existing and potential customers. It gives a wide range to target specific audiences and advertise to them in a cost-effective way. If done well, your business can achieve an authority within the Facebook community in a short period of time.

Instagram: If you own a visual business but still don’t have a business profile on Instagram, you’re missing out on a large audience. Having a business profile on Instagram gives you access to multiple tools including analytics concerning your posts and stories, CTA buttons, etc.

Instagram Ads
Youtube Ads

YouTube: Your business can use YouTube to promote products, increase your brand awareness, audit the feedback, provide customer service.


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TME’s social media management services aim to increase followers and engagement on social media platforms. Gaining new followers can increase your website’s organic traffic. However, you’ll find your website gets more traffic when you use paid social advertising services

A social media strategy includes a clear and organized structure for each post or post category, showing each individual post, what the post is, and when it will be published so that each social media platform your business needs has adjusted accordingly. Images and digital graphics play a big role online, so your strategy should include image templates to ensure that each image is branded for your business. So, be sure to include them in your strategy.

Understanding what customers want to achieve with social media is the cornerstone of any social media strategy. We may use this information to tailor the content we create, such as increased sales, inquiries, or website traffic. Call our SMM specialist now

Today, we see many people and customers using social media platforms. Using social media for your business gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with your customers. This personal engagement can have a positive impact on how existing and potential customers view your brand.


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