8 POWERFUL Ways of Attracting More Customers for Tradies in 2021

8 POWERFUL Ways of Attracting More Customers for Tradies in 2021

Because the competition is getting quite competitive in the tradie market whether you are a newbie in the business, an established company or an individual contractor with years of experience, you still need to keep up with the digital trends in order not to lose customers.Regardless of the type of your craft, be it plumbing, building design, bricklaying or carpentry, you need to have a well-rounded marketing strategy in place to become visible to your customers.It can also help you better target your potential clients based on demography, thus driving more leads, enhancing your local presence and essentially increasing your revenue.

How Can A Strong Online Presence Lead Customers to You?

Let’s review this a practical from daily lifeIt goes without saying that normally, your customers are people who have stumbled upon an emergency situation, a problem needing an urgent solution or just looking to improve their existing property and looking for reliable tradie in the area to ensure the work is completed on time and in budget.Say, we are dealing with a plumbing issue. The customer, in our case, Charlotte, has got a leaking pipe at her house that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.Otherwise, she will end up dealing with poor water quality, stained walls, invasive black mould, or flooding that would cost a fortune to handle.So, what’s the first thing that Charlotte, living in our digital era, will do?
  1. It’s not hard to guess that she will immediately Google search for available specialists. As a side note, statistics show that over 80% of Australians will search before asking a friend.
  2. Charlotte will then go on to checking the reputation and reviews of the plumbers that appear in the top search results. She will choose the one with not only the best reviews, but also the most professional, easy-to-understand, fast-loading and responsive website.
  3. If she wants to learn more on how trustworthy and reliable her choice is, she will also have a look at the plumber’s or plumbing company’s Facebook or other social media pages. Seeing regular posts and a certain number of followers and likes, she will give it a try.
  4. Now Charlotte considers her choice to be credible, the next step is making the booking.
The benefits of a strong online presence do not end here though. What happens after Charlotte has her leaking pipes fixed with high quality?
  • The plumbing company, after having provided a high-standard service, will send a feedback request to Charlotte asking her to write a review on her thoughts of the service.
  • After a while, Charlotte will surely have a friend or a relative in need of plumbing services. What she will do is recommend them the same plumbing company she applied to.
  • Over time, as the company keeps Charlotte updated on their services via newsletters, she might want to refresh her kitchen with a new tap. She will again apply to the same company becoming a repeat customer.
As you can see, a well-thought out tradie marketing can double and triple your leads and make you the go-to service in your community.

What Do You Need to Do to Enhance Your Online Presence?

It’s high time we introduce you to the main ways through which you can build a strong online presence and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Build or Optimise Your Website

A good and responsive website will always be trendy. If your tradie business doesn’t have a website, your customers will question your credibility and trustworthiness.Besides, you will lose a lot of potential customers because they simply will never find out about your existence.Having a website that is easy to navigate, has a fast load time, is responsive with an eye-catching design will become your online business card.You will be able to build brand awareness, drive more visitors to you and increase your leads in no time.It’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of a website and keep in mind to trust its building or optimisation to professionals if you want the above-listed results.
  • Enhance Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having a website for your tradie business is not enough, you need an effective marketing strategy to promote it and let your customers know about your services.With over hundreds of tradies who are competing in the same market space and over 95% of searches making their decisions based on who is on page 1 of Google, this is making it a very tight and highly competitive space.Now, you might have heard of SEO or search engine optimisation.It’s a process where the traffic to your website is enhanced and improved, both in quality and quantity.This is all you need to know about SEO, the rest should be done by specialists. Don’t try to do your SEO on your own, as you may end up damaging your website traffic and business more than you can think. This way the work of specialists will become more complicated too.An SEO-optimised website does not simply increase traffic, it leads those people to you who are actually interested in what you offer thus improving your target marketing.It takes dedicated SEO professionals to get your name in the top search results, but once you get there, your business will start growing like never before.
Note: Getting your special place in the top results of search engines only means that you should keep working and improving your SEO strategies in order to preserve and further enhance your achievements.
As it was already mentioned, trades are in high demand in Australia which creates a highly competitive market.However, it’s possible to beat your competitors and increase your brand awareness with the right SEO strategy.Imagine two skilled and experienced tradies – one of them shows up first in search engines, the other overlooks the importance of online presence – which one do you think will attract the customer? No second-guessing needed here.

Supercharge Your Lead Generation with Targeted PPC Campaigns

Targeted PPC AdsGoogle Ads is still one of the best ways for lead generation for your tradie business. What is especially beneficial is the improved targeting. You can display your ad only when people are actively searching for your services. In addition, you pay only when people visit your website. Thanks to this, your marketing spend is essentially reduced, at the same time, the number of people contacting you grows.Here is an example:If you are a plumber in Sydney, the keywords you want to be visible for are the following:
  1. Best plumber in Sydney
  2. Plumber near me
  3. Fix blocked drain Sydney
  4. Shower leak repairs Sydney
These are the most common keywords that people looking for plumbing services in Sydney use. Incorporating them into your PPC campaigns will make your business appear in top search results on Google. People will click on your website, and if it is optimised and customer-friendly, you can rest assured that they will book your services.

Concentrate on Customer Retention

It’s always cheaper to retain existing customers than to bring new ones. It’s a no brainer that you should always work on the latter, however having loyal customers is a guarantee that keeps your business going.You can send personalised emails or text messages to your existing customers every now and then letting them know about any updates in your services, or any relevant news that might catch their attention.Don’t overwhelm them with constant messages, be timely and relevant.

Cliché or not, Content is Still King: Improve It

It’s not only the algorithms of Google that undergo changes, but the search results as well.Google is regularly crawling and indexing websites and updating its top results based on different changes and additions.Being on the top of the search results in Google, can be a gold mine.However, being in a top spot today does not guarantee the same result tomorrow. The only way of protecting your position is content; quality content!Content is pretty much the most crucial part of any SEO strategy, the key to long-lasting top positions in search results.If you want your tradie website to rank high, you should post relevant, informative and eye-catching content on a regular basis.This is another reason why you should think of trusting your tradie SEO to the experts who will ensure your web presence brings tangible results on all fronts.

Grow Your Social Media Presence

Social media remains crucial for businesses wanting to build trust with their audience. Finding your tradie business page on Facebook or Instagram will help your potential customers connect with you easily. Besides, it will boost awareness about your business and increase your sales.You can also share customer feedback with your audience through social media and enhance your credibility and trustworthiness.Now the question is, which one of these do you need? In order to get the absolute best results, you need all of them working together. So the answer is full digital marketing.You may wonder why your business needs a full digital marketing service.Maybe a website with some SEO is good enough? The answer is – no. At some point, you will definitely need social media marketing and PPC campaigns because that’s how you can see tangible results for your tradie business in the digital world.When you invest in a full digital marketing service, you can rest assured that all the above-listed aspects will be covered professionally and, what’s more important, will work aligned with each other to reach the maximum results.The good news is – we cover all these aspects of digital marketing.Should you be interested, our experts would be happy to give you an obligation-free consultation.By choosing our full stack marketing service, you get a 12-month money-back guarantee and an affordable service that will grow your business and reputation and bring you more sales.Click the link below and start getting your name out there!

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