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With The Marketing Experts (TME) you will:

Watch your sales soar through the sky with conversion - optimised landing pages

Increase conversions with target groups backed by intention

Boost traffic with Adwords Management Services while organic reach gathers pace

What is Google Ads?

Have you ever searched for a product on Google and seen the perfect headline pop up with an “Ad” tag next to it? Those are Google Ads.

Essentially, Google Ads allow you to have your websites rank above organic search results in the SERPs in exchange for a CPC (cost-per-click).

Google Ads is the fastest way to lure customers into your store. With precise audience targeting, your ROI can skyrocket through the roof.

Google Ads

Pay Per Click

Google Ads are known as PPC
(Pay-per-click) ads. This means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Using this model, Google Ads enables you to spend your budget wisely. Unlike other types of ads, you only pay for actual interest instead of simply impressions.

With a data-driven, expert-powered Adwords Management Company by your side, every click will count!

Immediate Results

SEO results can take a while (~3-6 months) to reveal themselves. This is where Google Ads come in to save the day.

The best part is – you can target keywords with the right intentions behind them.

Ultimately, you will reach users who are looking to buy right now! This way, every click will have a higher chance of bringing in conversion-ready customers and hot leads.

ROIs Through The Roof

Google Ads has an average of 8:1 ROI. This means that every dollar you spend can potentially earn you $8 in return.

The key is to have an optimised campaign with a sales-centric and highly converting landing page. If you’re struggling with ROIs or landing page optimisations, it’s always a good idea to talk to an Adwords Management Company.

Backed By Intention

Adwords Management Services allow you to target customers in every way imaginable.

The best part is – you can target keywords with the right intentions behind them. Ultimately, you will reach users who are looking to buy right now! This way, every click will have a higher chance of bringing in conversion-ready customers and hot leads.

Catch-All Targeting

Want to target users based on their device type? You got it! Want to target users based on their demographics?

Easy! You can even target them during specific times of the day, plus location (in this case, Sydney or Melbourne). As a PPC agency, we know and use best practices for pinpointing location-based audiences.

Synergise Your Toolkit

SEO alone can’t handle all of your lead-gen responsibility. But, neither can Google ads. 

If you want to reach dominance in the SERPs, you’re going to need a powerful hybrid of SEO and PPC. Only 25% of searchers will ever visit the 2nd page of Google. The Marketing Experts will help you always be on page 1, right where your customers are looking.

Our Formula

Conversions = Messaging + Targeting + Timing

Vick Berberian

Vick Berberian, CEO, The Marketing Experts

“Running an Adwords Management Company in Sydney means doing the best for our clients. We focus on skyrocketing your ROI and bringing in sales like crazy. Making Google Ads work for you is the sole goal of our Adwords Management Services.”

Watch Your Sales Soar with Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the best ways to get customers in the door without breaking your buck. But it’s easier said than done.

You’ll need to target the right keywords, build just the right landing page, and manage your campaign through and through.

Achieving high ROIs might sound impossible to Google Ads beginners, but with the right agency by your side, the impossible can become within reach.

Sales With Google Ads

Spend wisely, get the
most out of your Google
Ads budget with TME

One of the biggest KPIs with Google Ads is the ROI (Return on Investment) or, in this case – ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Essentially, you don’t want to invest in something if it’s going to lose you money, right?

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Running killer campaigns takes time and effort. You’ll need the perfect blend of messaging, targeting, and timing to catch users who are ready to convert.

With TME as your Adwords
Management Sydney partner,
every click counts!

We target humans instead of engines, intentions instead of impressions

It can be tough to manage complex Google Ads campaigns with ever-changing algorithms. We work with proven best practices, writing content that hits where it hurts. This is what differentiates the work of an Adwords Management Company with Google Ads expertise from DIY campaigns.

Having worked with dozens of clients, we know what it takes to land the #1 spot on Google SERPs. We create razor-sharp campaigns that can scale alongside your business, bringing in sales at full tilt.

Target Intentions Instead of Impressions

PPC Google Ads Services Powered by Analytics

At The Marketing Experts, we worship data. Listening to the numbers allows us to consistently bring in relevant leads who are ready to click your CTAs.

As an Google Adwords agency, we pride ourselves on delivering the results your business needs, hitting KPIs out of the ballpark with each campaign.


Our secret sauce for running eye-candy campaigns consists of 3 ingredients.


Most visitors won’t convert the first time they visit your website. This is where remarketing services come in. But what is remarketing?

Have you ever visited a website then started to see their ads everywhere? That is the power of remarketing. Essentially, remarketing allows you to track the users who have seen your ad but didn’t convert and enables you to target them yet again with other ads.

Fun Fact: Remarketing campaigns perform around 10 times better than the original.

After seeing your offers a couple of times, customers start to wonder more and more… This is your ticket to printing money.

Awards Remarketing
Retarget Lost Leads Remarketing

Landing Pages

Without a conversion-optimized landing page, you are simply wasting your budget. Google Ads is all about ROIs and conversions, so you have to make each cent worth your while.

But how? The answer is simple: TME. The experience we host enables us to produce landing pages that take clients on a journey.

With relevant CTAs, pain-point punches, and emotion-inducing headlines, your visitors won’t be able to keep their
cursors off the “buy” button.

Google Shopping

Running an ecommerce store isn’t easy. If your products aren’t getting as much attention as they used to, they might need a little boost. This is where Google Shopping comes in.

With an optimised Google Merchant Center account, we can display your products on Google and bring in more customers than ever.

Google Shopping

We are a Google Partner Adwords
Management Company in Sydney

Why do companies trust The Marketing Experts?

Being home to some of the best PPC Google Ads specialists, we have the
skills to run highly converting, articulate campaigns.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our clients have to say.


The team at TME is fun and professional. They updated the design of my website and still run my brand’s social media pages. I am very pleased with my ROI.


I started working with The Marketing Experts through a friend’s recommendation, and I’m delighted with the results. They do a fantastic job, and most importantly, they are easy to work with.


With all the marketing agencies I’ve worked with, TME was the one I liked best. They are always on time, hit the KPIs in the head, and come up with impressive campaigns.


My website needed a revamp, and I couldn’t settle on a new logo. Vick and the TME team came up with great ideas for both. I’ve been working with them for a while, and I am highly impressed so far.


On paper, Google Ads can sound simple enough to manage. However, when it comes to experience, the opposite is true.

Imagine that you’ve been running Google Ads, but your sales are very disappointing. This happens to many business owners. But why aren’t people converting? Is Google Ads a scam? It works for my competitors, why doesn’t it work for me?

Many entrepreneurs have come to us with such questions, and the answer is simple. Experience almost always beats knowledge.

If you’re looking to join the 80% of businesses that leverage Google Ads for their digital advertising, you’ll need a strong Adwords Management Services Company by your side.

Having an Adwords Management Company by your side can make a world’s difference to your conversions and sales. But choosing the right agency for your brand can be tough. How do you know that you are getting the Adwords Management Services you need?

Having worked with clients from dozens of industries and sizes, we’ve cracked the Google Ads formula to success. If you have a small to medium sized brand and you want to stay ahead of the game, TME can be the best Adwords Management Sydney Company for you.

Get in touch, and let’s come up with your strategy for conversions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on off-site, on-site, and technical optimization to organically rank your website higher on SERPs. With the use of keyword optimization and other techniques, the goal of SEO is to help Google understand your website’s relevance.

It usually takes around 3-6 months to get a high ranking with SEO services (depending on the keywords you are targeting). When it comes to Google Ads, the results are almost immediate.

With an Adwords Management Company by your side, your results will show up 10 times better.

The Marketing Experts is a Google Partner and one of the leading Google Adwords Management Sydney and Melbourne Companies. We deliver fantastic, sales-centric Google Ad campaigns to our clients who want to see their business flourish and their bottom-line skyrocket.

From high-converting landing pages to budgeting to periodical updates and strategy, this Adwords Management Company does it all when it comes to Google Ads.

As an Adwords Management Sydney Agency, we’ve mastered the art of razor-sharp targeting. Whether you want to target users by location, device type, interests, age, or intent, TME has the skills to make it happen.

We work with narrowing your audience down to tiny niches and customising campaigns to feature exactly what they need to see.

The Marketing Experts are experts in all things related to digital marketing. We provide Adwords Management Sydney Services for Australian companies looking to scale their business and create worldwide brands.

The Adwords Management Services we provide include:

  • Strategy Development, along with keyword and competitor research
  • Determining USPs and conversion-optimized offers
  • Creating Adwords Management Sydney text content with engaging headlines
  • Crafting highly converting landing pages
  • Tracking conversions and optimising ROI
  • Boosting your sales to a whole other level with powerful Adwords Management Services

As a leading Adwords Management Sydney Company, we are home to some of the smartest Google Ads specialists in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

Having hundreds of successful campaigns under our belt gives us the confidence to call ourselves the best Adwords Management Company in Sydney. But don’t take our word for it – our clients wholeheartedly agree.

Comparing Google Ads with SEO is like comparing apples to oranges. Each has its own function, and each plays a role in landing your website on the first pages of Google.

Essentially, the best course of action is to utilise a balanced combination of SEO and PPC for making Google your best friend.